Our Mission

Our motto at Savage Enterprises is to provide full transparency, high-quality, products at a low cost to end users, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our e-liquid, hemp and cannabis products. In order to carry Savage Enterprises and enroll in our Wholesale opportunities, you will need to fill out the form below to apply. When you sign up with Savage's Wholesale opportunities, you will be receiving the best quality products at an affordable rate.

We proudly carry hemp-derived products under our brand, Delta Extrax, and legal cannabis products under our brand, Extrax Ca. In addition, we have a wide range of e-liquid offerings under our brand Ripe Collection.

What We Do

At Savage Enterprises, we take pride in supplying the highest quality counterculture products and solutions to an ever-evolving market of international customers. Our goal is to become the world’s leading brand for safer, healthier alternative products that are legal, safe and affordable for all. 

Our mission is focused on leading the industry by developing strategic acquisitions and partnerships, while also striving to align the core values of our stakeholders with those of our community.


What makes Savage so unique? The answer lies in the company's ability to pivot, while holding onto our strong beliefs. Savage Enterprises understands the importance of taking care of the customer, which will in turn support our brand partners. Savage Enterprises takes pride in leading industry standards, so that everybody can win in the process. Since adopting this belief system, Savage has quickly risen above the ranks to become an industry leader.

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Have a store and love our products? We'd love to connect! With a large team of sales reps, you'll always be in good hands. Follow the link to sign up now! Interested in more product information? Check out our Lab Tests and Digital Catalog.

Our Flagship Brands

Delta Extrax

As industry leaders, Delta Extrax has been at the forefront of the Delta-8 Revolution, unleashing the power of Cannabinoids since 2020.

We focus on emerging cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC, Delta-10, THCP, THCV, CBG and HHC, among others. Our research and development team strives for perfection in everything we release, and it shows in our unique array of products and flavors.

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Extrax Premium Cannabis Co.

Our Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. products are made with Live Resin for a truly unique and potent experience. This top-of-the-line cannabis will give you a heady and cerebral high. And because it’s made with live resin, you’ll get all the complex flavor and aroma profiles that this fantastic cannabis has to offer.

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Ripe Collection

Ripe Collection was started with one belief and one purpose: to bring quality vape products to a smoking world.

We firmly believe that vaping is the solution to the insidious culture of cigarette smoking. Our products are expertly and carefully crafted to not only delight our customers, but help them curb smoking habits. Affordable pricing and high-quality products are why we do what we do every day.

Trust that if you are a consumer, retailer, or wholesaler our products come with consistency, they come quickly, and our service is like no one else.

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