Savage Brand is one of the largest brands in the CBD, Vape, E-Liquid, and E-Juice industry. We currently offer Wholesale CBD and Retail opportunities.


Savage's motto is full transparency, high-quality e-liquid products at a low cost to end users, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our e-liquid. In order to carry Savage Retail and enroll in our Wholesale opportunities, you will need to fill out the form below to apply. When you sign up with Savage Brand opportunities, you will be undoubtedly receive the best quality, premium products at an affordable rate.

We proudly carry a wide range of original products including our exclusive Limited Edition Collection, Ripe Collection, Ripe on Ice Collection by Vape 100, Cream Collection by Vape 100, Sweet Collection by Vape 100, and much more. We also carry a range of alternative products including CBD and Kratom.

What makes Savage so unique? The answer lies in the company's ability to pivot their strong beliefs. Savage believes that if the consumers aren't taken care of, the brand partners aren't happy, and if Savage isn't following industry standards, no one can win. Since adopting this belief system, Savage has quickly risen above the ranks to become an industry leader.

Besides having some of the best flavors on the market here are some other reasons why people love working with Savage Retail Wholesale:

▸ PMTA Accepted
▸ Fast Shipping
▸ Reliable Customer Support
▸ Over 8000+ Happy Accounts
▸ Quality Management System
▸ Bar Codes & Batch Numbers
▸ Fully Transparent Manufacturing & Quality Programs
▸ FDA Registered
▸ And Many More!

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