OHM'S Law Why Is It Important?

Ohm’s Law and Why It Is Important

 If you are a seasoned vaper or maybe you are new to the industry, you have probably heard someone, somewhere mention Ohms Law once or twice.  Ohm’s Law is extremely important to understand if you are a vaper, especially if you tend to use unregulated devices.  While not as popular as they once were, unregulated devices still exist, and you need to know what you are doing when using them.  The law is all about current, amps, and voltage and is extremely important especially when we are talking about battery safety.
What is Ohm’s Law exactly?  Well, the mathematical equation is I = V/R.  Let’s break that down a little further.  In the case of vaping, I will represent the current in your device which is measured in amps.  The amps are what is going through the battery to power your device and they all have amp limits. Most batteries have the amp limit on the battery wrap as well as the voltage.  It is important to note that not all battery companies are honest with their figures, so please make sure you are doing research and buying batteries that have been tested and are being truthful about their specifications.  We recommend checking out Battery Mooch on YouTube and Instagram for more information on the best batteries to use.  V in this equation stands for voltage, and the R stands for resistance.  All of these measurements in this equation are directly correlated with each other.
When using an unregulated device, you need to know the numbers to plug into the equation listed above to make sure that your batteries can handle the amps that will be going through them in order to power the coils that are built.  If your batteries cannot handle the amps or current to send power to your coils, this can lead to shorts, battery venting or worse exploding batteries.  Luckily, there are many different Ohm’s law calculators on the internet that are easy and free to use.  These calculators use 4 measurements (ohms, watts, amps, and volts) to determine the proper measurements.  You will need to input 2 of the 4 measurements and the calculator will fill in the rest.  With this information, you can then build the coils that will help you remain in the safe zone away from shorts, battery vents or battery explosions.  In short, when using unregulated devices, you are the safety feature, make sure you know how to use these devices and please use them safely.
What if you don’t use unregulated devices?  Most vapers today use box mods with fancy screens and buttons and most of these devices are regulated meaning they do all the math for you and they have built-in safety features to prevent things like shorts, and battery venting.  While no device is perfect, almost all devices on the market today are pretty close and will just simply not fire or give a warning message on the screen if the batteries you are using are not able to handle the amps going through it.  Even though most of us are using these types of devices, it is still good to know about ohms law and have good trusted batteries to make sure that no accidents happen. 
So, in conclusion, no matter what device you are using to vape with, please take a moment to wrap your head around ohms law and educate others.  Know all your specifications and measurements when using unregulated device and vape safely!
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