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      Why Is CBD So Expensive?

      Why Is CBD So Expensive?

      When a new consumer ventures into the CBD marketplace, they might be a little taken aback by the higher price points of the CBD products. It probably seems a little weird that a 30ml bottle of CBD oil could be so expensive, but there is way more to the story than meets the eye. There is a lot that goes into creating CBD products and the process can be very labor intensive and very pricey. While not all CBD products are created equally, this will give you some good insight as to why a lot of the top CBD brands are charging so much for their CBD products.

      Where It All Begins

      The high price points begin at the farm, because that is ultimately where the process of making a CBD product starts. Here at Savage Enterprises, we use CBD that comes from the hemp plant, but a farmer had to grow those hemp plants and care for them long before it gets put into one of our top-quality CBD products. The agricultural process necessary to grow hemp and marijuana is extremely costly.  In addition to the seeds, cost of labor for cultivation, harvesting and all the equipment the farmers need, they also have to handle licensing procedures.  Prices vary from state to state but hemp farmers and hemp distributors have to go through reporting, testing, and licensing requirements which are not cheap.

      You Get What You Pay For

      Just like everything else, there is high-quality hemp and low-quality hemp and everything in between that drives the price of CBD products. A lot of CBD companies grow their own hemp plants and if they don’t do it themselves, they are most likely buying locally making the price more expensive. This helps CBD companies ensure that they are getting the highest quality CBD possible for their products. Other companies might have a lower price point because they import their CBD from other countries, but cheaper is not better. This practice can result in lower quality hemp because it could be coming from an area with much less agricultural regulation. 

      Extraction Methods

      There are two main extraction methods that are used when extracting CBD from the hemp plant. The first is called ethanol extraction and this is the much less expensive way to extract CBD from the Hemp plant. This entails mixing the plant with alcohol and then it is distilled and strained until all the ethanol has evaporated. This method is used for extracting CBD in large batches, however the CBD from this method tends to be less potent and may contain traces of solvents in the finished product which is not a good thing.

      The other far more expensive extraction method is CO2 extraction. This method entails machinery using pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. CBD oils from this extraction method are generally much higher quality because there is no risk of leftover solvents and the CBD is more potent.  But because this method requires the CBD to be extracted in smaller batches, this drives the price of CBD way up. All of the CBD we use in Savage Enterprises products have been extracted using this method which plays into the final price. 

      Testing CBD and CBD Products

      After the CBD has been extracted it has to be tested. The CBD in its final state gets tested for purity and concentration and then it is ready to be sold to companies like Savage Enterprises. This adds another layer of expense that has to be factored into the price of a CBD product. But it’s not just the farmers who have to test the CBD; companies like Savage Enterprises have to get their final products tested as well, and it’s not just one time, we do it every month and these tests are not cheap. Once all of this testing is done, the final product is ready for the consumer. 

      So, while the price tag for your favorite CBD product might be high, just remember what the CBD, the farmers and companies like Savage Enterprises had to go through and all the money that has to be spent in order to ensure that the highest quality CBD products are produced and ready for consumers.

      Contact us today if you have any questions and we offer CBD Wholesale opportunities for vendors looking to carry our Savage Enterprises products. 

      CBD For Muscle Recovery

      CBD for Muscle Relief

      You might take CBD for many reasons but one of the benefits that you might not be aware of is taking CBD for muscle recovery. CBD has been known to help with anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, and other physical and mental ailments. So, taking CBD for muscle recovery only makes sense and here is why!

      Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

      After a workout, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that’s the pain or stiffness you feel several hours or the day after an intense workout. You might feel a type of inflammation in the muscle from straining your muscles during a heavy workout but that is where CBD for muscle recovery comes in. 

      CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

      Cannabinoids (CBD) are known to have anti-inflammatory properties according to studies that can help your muscles heal and recover. The reason why the anti-inflammatory properties are important is that when muscles are worked out they start to tear and cause fatigue. Inflammation starts when the muscles tear and can become difficult to heal until the inflammation is reduced. Taking CBD for muscle recovery can help you get back on track and ready for your next workout. Aside from taking CBD for muscle recovery, you can take CBD for other benefits including:

      • A Good Night's Rest

      • CBD for Muscle Relief

      • Known to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

      • Can Help Improve Heart Health


      Will Taking CBD for Muscle Recovery Get Me “High”?

      All Savage CBD products are derived from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant.  The difference is that hemp plants contain 0.3% THC or less by dry weight whereas a marijuana plant can contain between 5-20% THC.  The compound within the hemp or marijuana plant that gives users the “high” feeling or the psychoactive feeling is THC.  Most all of our Savage CBD products have non-detectable amounts of THC however if there is THC present, it is within the federal limit which is 0.3% or below.  Consuming Savage CBD won’t give you that “High” feeling because CBD is the non-psychoactive compound that exists within the hemp plant. So, you get all the benefits from the Marijuana plant without getting that high/psychoactive sensation.

      Where To Get CBD

      You are able to go on our Savage Enterprises website and shop for any of our CBD products including our CBD Gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD lotions, CBD softgels, or any other way you might want to consume our Savage CBD. 

      Contact us today if you have any questions and we offer Wholesale opportunities for vendors looking to carry our Savage CBD Enterprises products. 

      CBD Oil For Dogs

      CBD Oil For Dogs

      It’s no secret that people love their dogs and will go to any lengths and spend any amount of money to make sure their furry friends live a happy and healthy life.  So, what about CBD oil for dogs?  Let’s take a look at how CBD could potentially benefit your pets.

      Just like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system and their endocannabinoid receptors are similar to their human counterparts.  With that in mind, animals suffer from similar ailments that people do such as anxiety, pain, nausea, skin problems, arthritis, fearfulness, inflammation and many more.  There is solid scientific research backing the use of CBD to help these maladies in humans so it makes complete sense that there are benefits in CBD oil for dogs!

      How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?

      Dosing humans with CBD is not so black and white because everybody is different and every body is different, not to mention the countless variables from person to person such as weight, diet, genetics, and environment just to name a few.  For your pets, the same is true but here is a general dosing guideline to help you get started:

      Before you do anything consult with a veterinarian to make sure that the CBD oil for dogs will not interfere with any currently used medications or health conditions your pet might have.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

      If your vet gives you the green light, start with 1mg of CBD per every 10 pounds of your pets’ body weight once or twice a daily.  Generally speaking, it is a good idea to start off gradual and increase the dosage of CBD every week until the desired benefits or results are reached. 

      After administering the dose of CBD, it is a great idea to stay with your pet for 2-3 hours after, just to make sure that they are ok.  CBD itself is non-toxic so “overdosing” on CBD won’t result in fatalities but the most common side-effects include sedation and over-active appetites. 

      Any more severe issues that arise are usually caused by contaminated products – that is, products that have high levels of heavy metals, residual solvents, and other byproducts of cheap and rushed CBD extraction.  As a pet owner, you should always do some research on the company you are going to be buying CBD oil for dogs and make sure that company has readily available lab test results that show the product has been tested for heavy metals and pesticides, residual solvents as well as potency.  Savage CBD has all our lab test results on our website, and they are updated on the 15th of every month. 

      Is CBD Oil For Dogs Something You Should Try For Your Dog?

      While you should never expect CBD to be a miracle for all ailments and difficulties in your dog’s life, it may be able to help your dog start recovering from some ailments or maladies.  At the very least, CBD might help relieve some of your dog’s symptoms and allow them to have a better quality of life.  Give CBD oil for dogs a try on your pet today with our Savage CBD Pet Spray and see the difference.

      Contact us today for CBD Wholesale opportunities to carry CBD oil for dogs or you may purchase Pet CBD directly from our website.

      Freebase Nicotine VS. Nicotine Salts

      Freebase Nicotine Vs Nicotine Salts

      So, what exactly are freebase nicotine and nicotine salts?  These are terms that get thrown around all the time in the vaping industry and it is important to know the difference between the two, what device to use them in, and which one is best for your vaping needs.

      Freebase Nicotine, what is it?

      Freebase nicotine is what has been the most widely used nicotine in e-liquid, that is until 2015 when a pod device using nicotine salts came to market and everything changed. 

      In its natural state, nicotine takes the form of a salt, ammonia is then used to remove protons from the nicotine salts in order to increase the Ph level, thus putting it in a deprotonated or freebase state.  After that, the nicotine is dissolved in a liquid to create freebase nicotine as we know it within the vaping industry. 

      While freebase is the most popular of the types of nicotine in the vaping world, it does have drawbacks.  Because the Ph levels have been increased, nicotine levels within e-liquid can’t be too high (6mg is about as high as one would want to go when using a sub-ohm tank for most vapers) otherwise there is a very harsh throat hit that occurs that can be extremely unpleasant. 

      Furthermore, because nicotine levels have to remain fairly low, this could be a difficult transition for a new vaper trying to quit cigarettes, it just might not be satisfying enough for them to make the switch completely. 

      Another key difference with freebase nicotine is that it does not hit the bloodstream as fast as nicotine salts.

      Nicotine Salts, what are they?

      In the hunt to create a product that mimics the same feeling of smoking a cigarette, people found that the best way to do that is to deliver more nicotine while still maintaining a smooth throat hit.  They soon came up with nicotine salts which is much closer to nicotine in its natural state.


      Instead of increasing the Ph levels of the nicotine, the Ph level was decreased making the nicotine more acidic which in turn has the effect of a less harsh throat hit while being able to maintain high levels of nicotine like 35mg or 50mg. 

      This is a great option that the vaping industry now has for anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes and needs that extra nicotine to help them get over the hump.

      Which one should you use?

      This is not a hard question to answer but it does depend on a couple of variables that come into play.

      If you love your box mod and sub-ohm tank or rebuildable dripping atomized (RDA) and you’re really low ohm coils and coil heads, then it is best that you stick with freebase nicotine. More power is required which means there is actually more e-liquid and nicotine being vaporized with every puff, so nicotine salts are just not meant for these types of devices.  You will potentially have to have a longer vape session with this option to get the satisfaction that may be sought after, but most of us have been vaping this way for years and we recommend sticking with what works.

      Nicotine salts typically have higher nicotine levels, so you really want to be using them in a device with a higher ohm coil that puts out less power.  There are a ton of pod systems out on the market that were specifically designed to be used for nicotine salts and there are a lot of pros to having one in your rotation.  For one, they are small and compact, they do not require you to carry around extra batteries, and very simple to use right out of the box.  This could be the perfect solution for someone wanting to quit smoking.

      Really the choice is yours to make but there is no rule that says you can’t use both.  We find that mods and sub-ohm devices are great to have at the house, and pod systems are wonderful when you are out and about or taking a trip.  Leave your comments down below and tell us about your favorite setup and e-liquid.

      Need some more e-liquid? Shop our collection 




      Traveling With Vape Gear: The Do’s and Don’ts

      Traveling With Vape Gear: The Do’s and Don’ts

      Being that I travel a lot for my job, and I have literally been around the world twice now, I have seen it all and been through just about every scenario possible when traveling with vape gear. Here is what to do, how to pack your vape gear, what to bring and what not to bring, and anything else that is relevant to traveling with your vape gear. 
      When traveling with vape gear, first you need to decide what devices and e-liquid you are going to bring. Of course, I pack Sour Strings but you pack whatever you like.  Less is more when packing for a trip and the same goes with vape gear, pick out two devices and leave the rest at home, you will thank me later.  For me personally, pod systems are the best because they are so compact, you don’t have to bring separate batteries or a battery charger, all you need is your bottle of e-liquid, some extra pods, and a USB cord to charge your device.  But let’s say you are going to bring a box mod, no worries just make sure you have a battery case to put your batteries in for safe keeping (you should have one these at all times even if you are not traveling).
      When packing your vape gear, all of it should be going in your carry-on, especially batteries, you DO NOT want to put these in your checked bag.  For people with devices where the mod is the battery (like most all pod systems or “stick style mods”) these also need to go in your carry on as they are a battery and the same rules apply.  If for some crazy reason your batteries end up in your checked bag, chances are your bag will be held up, searched and you might have to go back to the airport to claim it after the airport security has deemed your bag ok to go into whatever state or country you are visiting.  Long story short, just pack them in your carry-on bag and you will have no issues.
      There are certain rules and regulations around having liquid in your carry-on, here is how it works.  You can’t have a bottle that is more than 3 ounces in your carry-on, but you can have as many bottles of liquid as you want in your carry on as long as they are not more than 3 ounces.  The only reason I know this is because I had about 50 Limited Edition Nic salt bottles left over from a show in New York, and my bag was overweight so I took out those bottles, put them in my carry on and had no issues getting through security since those bottles are only about an ounce each.  I would never normally have that much e-liquid in my carry-on especially traveling abroad, you will get stopped and questioned and potentially have to pay a lot of money to get out of the airport, but this was a one-time thing and it was fine. If, for whatever reason you need to have a bunch of e-liquid with you on your travels, either ship it to your destination or pack it in your checked bag.
      When traveling abroad, things get a little bit different although I’m happy to report in the over 30 countries that I have been to with my vape gear and e-liquid, the only countries I have had any issues were China and Mexico.  It’s is a good idea to do some research about the vaping laws in the country you are visiting and make an educated decision on whether to bring them at all.  The good news is that most countries today know what vape gear and e-liquid look like and it is 95% of the time a very easy process.  Just follow the steps above and you will be just fine. 
      Once you are on the airplane, it is against the law to vape on the airplane.  That’s right, it is illegal, and you could face some hefty fines or worse so just don’t do it, find a different alternative to get your nicotine fix or just tough it out during your flight and just vape in the vaping area once outside the airport.
      Traveling with your vape gear is very straight forward, don’t over think it, remember you are not doing anything wrong by traveling with your vape gear.  Just remember to use common sense, be respectful if airport security wants to look at your vape gear more closely, and just be honest about what everything is and why you have it and the whole process will be a breeze.
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