WARNING: This products contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
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      Freebase Nicotine VS. Nicotine Salts

      Freebase Nicotine Vs Nicotine Salts

      So, what exactly are freebase nicotine and nicotine salts?  These are terms that get thrown around all the time in the vaping industry and it is important to know the difference between the two, what device to use them in, and which one is best for your vaping needs.

      Freebase Nicotine, what is it?

      Freebase nicotine is what has been the most widely used nicotine in e-liquid, that is until 2015 when a pod device using nicotine salts came to market and everything changed. 

      In its natural state, nicotine takes the form of a salt, ammonia is then used to remove protons from the nicotine salts in order to increase the Ph level, thus putting it in a deprotonated or freebase state.  After that, the nicotine is dissolved in a liquid to create freebase nicotine as we know it within the vaping industry. 

      While freebase is the most popular of the types of nicotine in the vaping world, it does have drawbacks.  Because the Ph levels have been increased, nicotine levels within e-liquid can’t be too high (6mg is about as high as one would want to go when using a sub-ohm tank for most vapers) otherwise there is a very harsh throat hit that occurs that can be extremely unpleasant. 

      Furthermore, because nicotine levels have to remain fairly low, this could be a difficult transition for a new vaper trying to quit cigarettes, it just might not be satisfying enough for them to make the switch completely. 

      Another key difference with freebase nicotine is that it does not hit the bloodstream as fast as nicotine salts.

      Nicotine Salts, what are they?

      In the hunt to create a product that mimics the same feeling of smoking a cigarette, people found that the best way to do that is to deliver more nicotine while still maintaining a smooth throat hit.  They soon came up with nicotine salts which is much closer to nicotine in its natural state.


      Instead of increasing the Ph levels of the nicotine, the Ph level was decreased making the nicotine more acidic which in turn has the effect of a less harsh throat hit while being able to maintain high levels of nicotine like 35mg or 50mg. 

      This is a great option that the vaping industry now has for anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes and needs that extra nicotine to help them get over the hump.

      Which one should you use?

      This is not a hard question to answer but it does depend on a couple of variables that come into play.

      If you love your box mod and sub-ohm tank or rebuildable dripping atomized (RDA) and you’re really low ohm coils and coil heads, then it is best that you stick with freebase nicotine. More power is required which means there is actually more e-liquid and nicotine being vaporized with every puff, so nicotine salts are just not meant for these types of devices.  You will potentially have to have a longer vape session with this option to get the satisfaction that may be sought after, but most of us have been vaping this way for years and we recommend sticking with what works.

      Nicotine salts typically have higher nicotine levels, so you really want to be using them in a device with a higher ohm coil that puts out less power.  There are a ton of pod systems out on the market that were specifically designed to be used for nicotine salts and there are a lot of pros to having one in your rotation.  For one, they are small and compact, they do not require you to carry around extra batteries, and very simple to use right out of the box.  This could be the perfect solution for someone wanting to quit smoking.

      Really the choice is yours to make but there is no rule that says you can’t use both.  We find that mods and sub-ohm devices are great to have at the house, and pod systems are wonderful when you are out and about or taking a trip.  Leave your comments down below and tell us about your favorite setup and e-liquid.

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      Traveling With Vape Gear: The Do’s and Don’ts

      Traveling With Vape Gear: The Do’s and Don’ts

      Being that I travel a lot for my job, and I have literally been around the world twice now, I have seen it all and been through just about every scenario possible when traveling with vape gear. Here is what to do, how to pack your vape gear, what to bring and what not to bring, and anything else that is relevant to traveling with your vape gear. 
      When traveling with vape gear, first you need to decide what devices and e-liquid you are going to bring. Of course, I pack Sour Strings but you pack whatever you like.  Less is more when packing for a trip and the same goes with vape gear, pick out two devices and leave the rest at home, you will thank me later.  For me personally, pod systems are the best because they are so compact, you don’t have to bring separate batteries or a battery charger, all you need is your bottle of e-liquid, some extra pods, and a USB cord to charge your device.  But let’s say you are going to bring a box mod, no worries just make sure you have a battery case to put your batteries in for safe keeping (you should have one these at all times even if you are not traveling).
      When packing your vape gear, all of it should be going in your carry-on, especially batteries, you DO NOT want to put these in your checked bag.  For people with devices where the mod is the battery (like most all pod systems or “stick style mods”) these also need to go in your carry on as they are a battery and the same rules apply.  If for some crazy reason your batteries end up in your checked bag, chances are your bag will be held up, searched and you might have to go back to the airport to claim it after the airport security has deemed your bag ok to go into whatever state or country you are visiting.  Long story short, just pack them in your carry-on bag and you will have no issues.
      There are certain rules and regulations around having liquid in your carry-on, here is how it works.  You can’t have a bottle that is more than 3 ounces in your carry-on, but you can have as many bottles of liquid as you want in your carry on as long as they are not more than 3 ounces.  The only reason I know this is because I had about 50 Limited Edition Nic salt bottles left over from a show in New York, and my bag was overweight so I took out those bottles, put them in my carry on and had no issues getting through security since those bottles are only about an ounce each.  I would never normally have that much e-liquid in my carry-on especially traveling abroad, you will get stopped and questioned and potentially have to pay a lot of money to get out of the airport, but this was a one-time thing and it was fine. If, for whatever reason you need to have a bunch of e-liquid with you on your travels, either ship it to your destination or pack it in your checked bag.
      When traveling abroad, things get a little bit different although I’m happy to report in the over 30 countries that I have been to with my vape gear and e-liquid, the only countries I have had any issues were China and Mexico.  It’s is a good idea to do some research about the vaping laws in the country you are visiting and make an educated decision on whether to bring them at all.  The good news is that most countries today know what vape gear and e-liquid look like and it is 95% of the time a very easy process.  Just follow the steps above and you will be just fine. 
      Once you are on the airplane, it is against the law to vape on the airplane.  That’s right, it is illegal, and you could face some hefty fines or worse so just don’t do it, find a different alternative to get your nicotine fix or just tough it out during your flight and just vape in the vaping area once outside the airport.
      Traveling with your vape gear is very straight forward, don’t over think it, remember you are not doing anything wrong by traveling with your vape gear.  Just remember to use common sense, be respectful if airport security wants to look at your vape gear more closely, and just be honest about what everything is and why you have it and the whole process will be a breeze.
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      Pods or Mods

      Pods or Mods


       This is a question that gets asked all the time.  Or better yet, people want to know what is the best mod out there, or what mod should they use with this tank, or what is the best pod system with the best flavor? 
      The great part of having so many device options out there is that you can really customize your device to your vaping style all the way down to the color and look of your vaping equipment.  The bad thing about all the options is not knowing which device to buy, and that’s what this blog is all about.
      Let’s talk about box mods and tanks first.  Here are the pros of box mods. If you have been vaping for a while you are pretty familiar with box mods and sub-ohm tanks.  There are a lot of buttons, you can adjust to your desired wattage, you can use the temperature control setting and a lot of times you can even change the color of the screen to match which is pretty cool.  Most people will top their box mod with a sub-ohm tank or an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) because they need more wattage to power their coils or coil heads which box mods are setup up to do very well- that’s actually what they are designed for. 
      Box mods come in all different shapes, sizes, brands, and colors, and most of them on the market today work in a very similar fashion.  When deciding which one to buy, it really just comes down to what you want your box mod to look like and how much you want to spend, because they range from very expensive to very inexpensive. You also want to make sure you are buying from a well know brand like Smok, Asmodus, Vaporesso, dotMod, or even Smoant.  We recommend something from Vaporesso just because they have a menu button which makes navigating the menu so much easier.  As with anything, do some research first, read reviews, watch YouTube reviews (click here to watch a few we have done) and talk to other vapers before making a decision. If you choose a box mod from a reputable company, you should have a great vaping experience. 
      What are the cons of box mods?  The way we see it there are a few.  Once you have purchased your box mod, you will need to buy batteries separately to power it.  Most box mods require 2x18650 batteries.  After that, it is recommended to charge those batteries in a battery charger which you will also need to purchase separately.  Once you have purchased those things, you will need a tank or RDA if the box mod did not come as a kit, and finally, you need to buy e-liquid (click here to try the Sweet Collection by Vape100).  So, as you can see, going with a box mod can be expensive at first with all the accessories you need to buy initially just to start using your device.
      The other downfall of box mods is simply their size and weight.  They are usually pretty bulky and don’t fit very well in the pocket of your jeans.  They tend to be fairly heavy as well which adds weight to your purse or backpack.  If you travel a lot like some of us do here, having to bring your box mod and your batteries, and the battery charger and then your e-liquid with you on your trip can be a big hassle and not very travel-friendly. 
      So are box mods the way to go?  Really only you can answer that. It essentially comes down to your vaping style as well as your lifestyle and, maybe most importantly, your vaping budget. 
      Now, let’s talk about pod systems and their pros and cons. 
      Most pod systems out there are much like box mods in that they all perform in a very similar fashion it just depends on what you want your device to look like aesthetically.  Pod systems are great because most of them come as a kit.  You get the battery (which is rechargeable, and you don’t have to buy separately) and one or even two empty pods when you purchase your pod system for the first time.  Already, this is much cheaper than buying a box mod. This is great if your vaping budget is the deciding factor. 
      The second pro, in our opinion, is the size of most pod systems.  They are very small, most fit in the palm of your hand making them easy to put into your pocket, purse or backpack.  If you travel a lot, you need to have a pod system in your rotation because they are so compact and all you have to bring with you is your bottle of e-liquid and a micro USB cord to charge it. 
      Another pro of pod systems is that you can use any e-liquid or even vape-able CBD (Click here to shop CBD) with all of them, they are not just for nic salts.  So, if you only vape 3mg, you can put that right into a pod system and vape away.  Of course, they don’t have as much power as a box mod but it’s nice to know that is an option. 
      Now, let’s talk about the cons.  The first and probably most glaring con is the expense and potential inconvenience of having to buy replacement pods for your device.  A pack of replacement pods ranges anywhere from $5-$15 and that can sometimes be for just one replacement pod, so this can add up pretty quickly. So, while the initial investment was much cheaper than a box mod, the money goes quick after that.
      Another potential con for pod systems is the amount of power or if you would rather the lack of functions on the device.  Most pod systems have a set wattage and that’s what you are stuck with.  If you use pod systems to only vape nic salts, this isn’t so bad, but if you vape 3mg you may not be very satisfied with a pod system because of the lack of power, hence why a lot of people use box mods who don’t vape nic salts (Need nic salts? Click here to shop our selection).
      Lastly, a lot of times the replacement pods you need your local vape shop may have stopped carrying them or they are out of stock online, and without the specific pod for your device, it is unusable.  There is nothing worse than when you have a burnt pod and no replacements. 
      So box mods or pods?  We vote pods because they are cheaper to buy upfront, much more convenient for everyday life and if you travel, they are a blessing, really.  Ultimately you need to figure out how you like to vape and what device will fit your lifestyle the best.  At the end of the day, as long as you are not smoking cigarettes does it really matter what device you are using? 
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      Ohm’s Law and Why It Is Important

      OHM'S Law Why Is It Important?

       If you are a seasoned vaper or maybe you are new to the industry, you have probably heard someone, somewhere mention Ohms Law once or twice.  Ohm’s Law is extremely important to understand if you are a vaper, especially if you tend to use unregulated devices.  While not as popular as they once were, unregulated devices still exist, and you need to know what you are doing when using them.  The law is all about current, amps, and voltage and is extremely important especially when we are talking about battery safety.
      What is Ohm’s Law exactly?  Well, the mathematical equation is I = V/R.  Let’s break that down a little further.  In the case of vaping, I will represent the current in your device which is measured in amps.  The amps are what is going through the battery to power your device and they all have amp limits. Most batteries have the amp limit on the battery wrap as well as the voltage.  It is important to note that not all battery companies are honest with their figures, so please make sure you are doing research and buying batteries that have been tested and are being truthful about their specifications.  We recommend checking out Battery Mooch on YouTube and Instagram for more information on the best batteries to use.  V in this equation stands for voltage, and the R stands for resistance.  All of these measurements in this equation are directly correlated with each other.
      When using an unregulated device, you need to know the numbers to plug into the equation listed above to make sure that your batteries can handle the amps that will be going through them in order to power the coils that are built.  If your batteries cannot handle the amps or current to send power to your coils, this can lead to shorts, battery venting or worse exploding batteries.  Luckily, there are many different Ohm’s law calculators on the internet that are easy and free to use.  These calculators use 4 measurements (ohms, watts, amps, and volts) to determine the proper measurements.  You will need to input 2 of the 4 measurements and the calculator will fill in the rest.  With this information, you can then build the coils that will help you remain in the safe zone away from shorts, battery vents or battery explosions.  In short, when using unregulated devices, you are the safety feature, make sure you know how to use these devices and please use them safely.
      What if you don’t use unregulated devices?  Most vapers today use box mods with fancy screens and buttons and most of these devices are regulated meaning they do all the math for you and they have built-in safety features to prevent things like shorts, and battery venting.  While no device is perfect, almost all devices on the market today are pretty close and will just simply not fire or give a warning message on the screen if the batteries you are using are not able to handle the amps going through it.  Even though most of us are using these types of devices, it is still good to know about ohms law and have good trusted batteries to make sure that no accidents happen. 
      So, in conclusion, no matter what device you are using to vape with, please take a moment to wrap your head around ohms law and educate others.  Know all your specifications and measurements when using unregulated device and vape safely!