Traveling With Vape Gear: The Do’s and Don’ts

Traveling With Vape Gear: The Do’s and Don’ts
Being that I travel a lot for my job, and I have literally been around the world twice now, I have seen it all and been through just about every scenario possible when traveling with vape gear. Here is what to do, how to pack your vape gear, what to bring and what not to bring, and anything else that is relevant to traveling with your vape gear. 
When traveling with vape gear, first you need to decide what devices and e-liquid you are going to bring. Of course, I pack Sour Strings but you pack whatever you like.  Less is more when packing for a trip and the same goes with vape gear, pick out two devices and leave the rest at home, you will thank me later.  For me personally, pod systems are the best because they are so compact, you don’t have to bring separate batteries or a battery charger, all you need is your bottle of e-liquid, some extra pods, and a USB cord to charge your device.  But let’s say you are going to bring a box mod, no worries just make sure you have a battery case to put your batteries in for safe keeping (you should have one these at all times even if you are not traveling).
When packing your vape gear, all of it should be going in your carry-on, especially batteries, you DO NOT want to put these in your checked bag.  For people with devices where the mod is the battery (like most all pod systems or “stick style mods”) these also need to go in your carry on as they are a battery and the same rules apply.  If for some crazy reason your batteries end up in your checked bag, chances are your bag will be held up, searched and you might have to go back to the airport to claim it after the airport security has deemed your bag ok to go into whatever state or country you are visiting.  Long story short, just pack them in your carry-on bag and you will have no issues.
There are certain rules and regulations around having liquid in your carry-on, here is how it works.  You can’t have a bottle that is more than 3 ounces in your carry-on, but you can have as many bottles of liquid as you want in your carry on as long as they are not more than 3 ounces.  The only reason I know this is because I had about 50 Limited Edition Nic salt bottles left over from a show in New York, and my bag was overweight so I took out those bottles, put them in my carry on and had no issues getting through security since those bottles are only about an ounce each.  I would never normally have that much e-liquid in my carry-on especially traveling abroad, you will get stopped and questioned and potentially have to pay a lot of money to get out of the airport, but this was a one-time thing and it was fine. If, for whatever reason you need to have a bunch of e-liquid with you on your travels, either ship it to your destination or pack it in your checked bag.
When traveling abroad, things get a little bit different although I’m happy to report in the over 30 countries that I have been to with my vape gear and e-liquid, the only countries I have had any issues were China and Mexico.  It’s is a good idea to do some research about the vaping laws in the country you are visiting and make an educated decision on whether to bring them at all.  The good news is that most countries today know what vape gear and e-liquid look like and it is 95% of the time a very easy process.  Just follow the steps above and you will be just fine. 
Once you are on the airplane, it is against the law to vape on the airplane.  That’s right, it is illegal, and you could face some hefty fines or worse so just don’t do it, find a different alternative to get your nicotine fix or just tough it out during your flight and just vape in the vaping area once outside the airport.
Traveling with your vape gear is very straight forward, don’t over think it, remember you are not doing anything wrong by traveling with your vape gear.  Just remember to use common sense, be respectful if airport security wants to look at your vape gear more closely, and just be honest about what everything is and why you have it and the whole process will be a breeze.
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